O’Mara Road Stage 1A, Toowoomba


Harrison Infrastructure Group was engaged by Toowoomba Regional Council to carry out planning for an ultimate configuration and detailed design for interim staging arrangements for the O’Mara Road corridor. Toowoomba Regional Council currently have a number of development applications lodged for the O’Mara Road frontage, therefore it has been identified that this area requires immediate attention, with Stage 1A (new northbound carriageway from Warrego Hwy to Witmack Road) being the most important phase to be delivered in a staged approach towards the ultimate layout of O’Mara Road.

The initial planning that HIG undertook with TRC assisted in securing $10 Million of funding from the state government through the Royalties for Regions program for implementation of Stage 1A. HIG has completed the detailed design for Stage 1A and is now providing design support during the construction phase.

HIG were able to meet all deadlines during the design phase and provided much additional information to the planners and construction teams to produce a quality project suited to TRC’s vision. HIG has developed a close and proficient working relationship with the TRC planning and construction teams and this has produced an accurate and detailed design resulting in minimal issues during the construction phase. HIG were also able to quickly and efficiently adapt the design to meet new requirements on the project due to the commencement of works by adjoining developers.

Services provided for this project:

  • Road design for new carriageway;
  • Widening and overlay to existing carriageway;
  • Bridge design;
  • Acquisition plans;
  • Pavement design;
  • Street lighting design including liaising with Ergon;
  • Traffic signal design;
  • Dry Creek rehabilitation and protection works;
  • Storm water design; 
  • Public Utility Plant relocations and new trunk infrastructure for water and sewer; 
  • Design of replacement dairy affected by property acquisitions;
  • Coordination with Department of Transport and Main Roads for the intersection of Warrego Highway and O’Mara Road interface; and 
  • Preparation of contract documents and schedules.
O'Mara-Road-Waste-Transfer-Station O'mara road

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