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Brisbane City Council LED Project

Lighting Design

Brisbane City Council’s City Projects Office engaged HIG to undertake inspection, assessment, data validation and compilation, luminaire suitability, market assessment and contact, structural assessment, maintenance needs, design input and project management associated with the replacing luminaires on up to 8,000 lights in parks, pathways and public spaces with energy efficient LED luminaires as part of the Energy Efficient Lighting for Brisbane Project. The project proposes to install the LED luminaires in order to reduce energy load and operations and maintenance costs for the operation of public lighting.

HIG personnel provided a unique mix of electrical, civil, structural and project management skills that allowed adaptability to a changing scope and interactive communication and problem solving with the City Projects team.

Data validation was a challenge on this project given the age of existing poles and the myriad of location and ownership matters. Acceptance of suitability and structural suitability assessment of existing poles in the absence of pole details was a further challenge that considered assumed structural modelling. Both challenges were addressed by the collaborative required consideration of risk management and acceptance of suitability with qualification.

This commission was extended to include lighting design to assist the City Projects in delivering the first tranche of 4,000 lights.

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