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Pacific Motorway Varsity Lakes Interchange (Exit 85)

Civil Engineering Design

The project incorporated the detailed design for the upgrade of the Eastern side of the interchange to facilitate the new Varsity Lakes train station, delivered as part of the Trackstar Alliance project.

Highland Infrastructure Group was commissioned to undertake the detailed design of the Exit 85 interchange ramps and terminals, which involved a signalised four leg intersection on undoubtedly one of the most congested interchanges on the M1 during peak periods. Highland Infrastructure Group was requested to perform a detailed review of the previous traffic reports undertaken by Bitzios Consulting, which resulted in major traffic analysis required to be carried out to allow for additional developments previously unaccounted for.

Transport and Main Roads experts such as Ricky Cox were consulted during this project due to the high level of modelling involved and various issues that were encountered. SIDRA intersection modelling software was used for the traffic modelling, as well as AutoCAD, Bentley MX, Perfect Lite, PC Drain and DTMR’s WMS system were used to produce the final detailed civil and electrical design.

The project was delivered by the agreed timeframe under an hourly rate based contract. The client expressed satisfaction both with the quality of the work and the timing of delivery. Other stakeholders in this project such as the Department of Main Roads and Gold Coast City Council were very satisfied with the delivery of the compliant design.

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