Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension (DTMR)


This project involved the extension of the Gateway Motorway south of Logan Motorway to Stockleigh. Detailed planning was undertaken investigating eight lane ultimate layouts for corridor preservation.

The necessity for this investigation arose due to both the Mt Lindsay Highway and the Pacific Motorway nearing capacity.  Both major roads have reached a level requiring a relief link from the Gold Coast Hinterland to southern Brisbane.

The project involved multiple complex grade separated interchanges.  Interchanges had considerable geometric analysis and investigation due to existing, proposed and future major developments adjacent to the corridor.  The existing Gateway Motorway/Logan Motorway interchange had to be augmented to cater for a major forth leg which involved up to three levels of separation.

The detailed planning had to mitigate abounding conflicts with major public utility plant infrastructure within the corridor including heavy vehicle transmission, structures and lines and high pressure gas transmission lines.  HIG also had to account for major construction within both environmentally protected areas and flood prone areas.


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