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Transport, Lighting & Traffic Engineering

HIG specialise in all facets of traffic and transport assessment and design, and can assist at all stages of your project, from application through to construction. We excel in the preparation of traffic impact assessments, traffic signal and lighting design, car park analysis, and traffic management plans. HIG have expert knowledge of Local, State and Australian specifications and utilise the latest design and assessment software to provide practical and compliant outcomes for your project.


Traffic Impact Assessments

HIG have prepared and successfully negotiated conditions for Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and Pavement Impact Assessment (PIA) studies for over 500 developments and numerous Council or TMR planning studies. For private developments HIG have undertaken TIAs and PIAs for a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to shopping centres, airports, residential and industrial subdivisions, service centres or service stations, quarries, feedlots, piggeries, poultry farms, mixed use developments, hotels, childcares, medical centres and numerous other commercial or industrial developments. We utilise SIDRA and SIDRA Network for intersection analysis and AIMSUN for network modelling.


HIG employ the services of exceptionally experienced and innovative Traffic Engineers and Traffic Signal designers who are knowledgeable and competent in the use of DTMR and numerous LGA standards, practices and presentation requirements. We effectively link intersection geometrics, traffic signal layouts and cable connection plans to provide a complete and comprehensive design package.  HIG can also provide electrical certification of our drawings via a working relationship established with an electrical RPEQ.

Signal Design

20181107-P10167 - BCC Led Lighting_IMG_3498.JPG

HIG can present appropriate and safe solutions to improve intersection safety and capacity with intersection, route and pedestrian lighting design capability. We support our skilled designers with design software including AGI and Perfectlite. We are accredited with Ergon Public Lighting Designers with an A rating, and are an Energex accredited service provider, with the ability to prepare contestable design. HIG can also provide electrical certification of our drawings via a working relationship established with an electrical RPEQ.

Lighting Design


HIG is able to assess your development’s practical parking requirements against Council’s minimum rates and undertake parking studies to support parking reductions. HIG is able to review and design your internal or external car park layout to ensure compliance with Council and Australian Standards. HIG can use vehicle swept path analysis using Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software to customise your site’s layout, design servicing and loading areas, and improve development yields.

Car Park Studies and Design


HIG’s qualified Traffic Management Designers (TMD) and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) are capable of preparing efficient Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for complex control scenarios, including short term and long term road works using temporary traffic signals and detours. HIG can review and certify alternative solutions including extended lengths of one-way reversible flow, reducing the number of stages required to complete works. HIG use AutoCAD and RapidPlan to design high quality Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS).

Traffic Management Design

Recent Projects

North_003_Hinkler Roundabout_3_edited

North_003_Hinkler Roundabout_3_edited

North Bundaberg Evacuation Route

20181107-P10167 - BCC Led Lighting_IMG_3

20181107-P10167 - BCC Led Lighting_IMG_3

BCC LED Project



TRC LED Lighting Replacement/Upgrade



Lockyer Valley Regional Council TGS



Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

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