Roma-Taroom Road Link Plan (DTMR)


Harrison Infrastructure Group was commissioned to prepare a Road Link Plan for the entire Roma-Taroom Road.  The project was required for forward planning as a result of growing pressures on the function of the existing link.

The project entailed looking at the 20 year vision for the link on a predominately rural road of high commercial vehicles. The link plan identified the pressures being put on the link from the development of the Surat Basin and coal seam gas industry, rail, quarry, power station and feed lot industry.  It also looked at the results of travel generated by strategic seasonal freight, cattle, heavy loads and long distance touring, the potential future Taroom bypass and the importance of this link as an alternative to using the Warrego and Leichardt Highway when travelling to Rockhampton.

In carrying out the link plan, HIG identified traffic growth, makeup of traffic types, traffic movement and any likely changes to the function of the link. This allowed us to identify key areas of deficiencies where pressures would likely lead to performance issues.

HIG identified key areas in need of upgrade to widen road to vision standard;

  • Identification of overtaking capacity needs;
  • Upgrading of culverts and bridge structures;
  • Upgrading of intersections to meet current standards;
  • Areas of substandard horizontal and vertical geometry;
  • Provision of rest and stopping places;
  • Areas of pavement rehabilitation; and
  • Maintenance requirements.

Strategic priorities and strategic estimates were formulated for the entire road link to identify future works over the next 20 years.   The Road Link Plan was then compiled and finalised to allow TMR to proceed with their forward planning with confidence.


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