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Gore Highway (28A & 28B)

Civil Engineering Design

Department of Transport and Main Road (DTMR) approached HIG to undertake a geometric analysis of 280km of the Gore Highway (28A & 28B). This analysis was requested to be done in accelerated timeframes to adhere to EOFY budgetary constraints.


HIG were able to deliver this project both on time and budget and including a technical report and 500 working plans for reference. This analysis was undertaken based upon the supplied data consisting of:

  • Digital centreline (DRN in 12da format);

  • Aerial Land Survey (ALS) survey data for a 100m corridor width;

  • Existing working plans of 28A and 28B; and

  • Posted speed zone tables derived from DVR.


HIG analysed both the horizontal and vertical geometry utilising DTMR’s OS Road package and HIG’s Geometric Analysis Software within 12d model. The analysis reported on all areas where geometric deficiencies were identified including:

Existing superelevation values where below acceptable ASGRD standards;

  • OS Road deficiencies;

  • Vertical Crest Curve Radii (SSD); and

  • Sag Vertical Crest Curve Radii.


HIG received excellent feedback from DTMR on the deliverables for this project. DTMR were impressed with the quality, accuracy and timeframes this project was delivered.

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