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Andrew Fichera Stunning with Statistics

Our own Andrew Fichera led a group of researchers for USQ to accurately predict grassland species distribution.

With agriculture one of Australia’s leading industries, the health of the country’s grasslands is of vital importance.

For this, modelling has proved invaluable, with farmers, researchers and policy makers employing the method to help better predict complex interactions between grassland species and their environment.

"With the INLA-SPDE approach, we used data from areas where particular grassland species were observed and then extrapolated across the Australian continent, while adjusting for variables such as soil and climate,” Mr Fichera said.

Mr Fichera said modelling systems play a crucial role in decision making, helping the industry adapt to climate variability, including climate extremes.


Andrew regularly uses his statistical analysis in his engineering and design work here at HIG.

His expertise in the field have proved to be a game changer on every project he is involved in.

Well done Andrew!

Click the link below to read the full article:

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