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HIG's Growing a Mo

"I’ve always liked Movember because you can do very little and still make an impact. Growing a moustache for the month of November will almost certainly be a conversation starter. Its these conversations which give people the opportunity to discuss things related to men’s health. These simple conversations might prompt that someone to check in mentally or get that niggling health issue checked. Might even be a simple reminder for someone to organise a check-up with their GP. Whatever it is, these conversations can be life savers.

It would be good to see us all to continue to support Mossy through his recovery and we have an added incentive this year. Mike Harris has promised to participate this year starting clean shaven. Mike indicated that he wasn’t even sure if his adult kids had seen him clean shaven…." - Bryan Doherty, Team Captain.

If you want to donate to this great cause, please follow the link below:

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