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HIG Symposium 2021

HIG held its bi-yearly symposium at Sea World on the Gold Coast. This years symposium was a special one as HIG is celebrating 25 years of operation. The symposium allows staff from all of our offices to meet up, share knowledge and experience from projects delivered over the past two years. There was a wide range of topics being discussed from Asset Management to the ever expanding utilisation of drone technology within the engineering industry.

We had multiple award winners this year at our dinner and awards presentation. The HIG Excellence Award for 2021 went to Alexandra Sherrin for being a consistently excellent performer over the entire year, always meets or exceeds timeframes, goes above and beyond her duties, helps others, impeccable attention to detail, provides solutions that exceed the norm for her years of experience and is an excellent team member.

We also had 4 Merit Awards:

Robert Young for outstanding project management activities, leadership and diligence with multiple project demands.

Richard Lee for outstanding performance throughout the year, promotes HIG in a technical and commercial manner on all occasions, contributes to the wellbeing of others around him and is resourceful and innovative.

Cameron Penrose for his technical skills, delivering multiple projects, bringing in new work, always willing to help others, a strong work ethic and maintaining a good reputation with clients.

Alister Davis for continued strong performance on numerous projects throughout the year, delivery of numerous projects on time and under budget, multi-tasking between several projects, and always receiving good feedback from clients.

The project of the year went to Smart Crossing Package C for generating over $100k in fees, good technical solutions, project was complex, great client feedback, excellent time and cost performance, great team effort and innovations developed. The team for this project is Adrian Bidgood, Kylie Munn, Alister Davis, Rohan Deshle and Chris Wright.

We had two 10 year and three 5 year service recipients this year. Thank you to Owen Deighton (10), and Steve Luther (10), Steve Davis, Grace Parker, Mal Pieper for your hard work and loyalty to HIG. Unfortunately there was a hiccup and we failed to acknowledge Samara Volzke who also has been with HIG for over 10 years. Congratulations Samara on your 10 years of service.

Congratulations to Mal And Kerryn Pieper who won the penguin experience and Caroline and Brett Smith on winning the dolphin experience at Sea World.

Congratulations to all award recipients.

HIG is committed to promoting positive work life balances and fostering a family friendly environment, making Sea World the perfect choice of venue for the weekend. It was a great opportunity for families to meet and share in the fun together, with our staff and families enjoying all of the shows and rides that Sea World had to offer.

Special thanks to Terry Spence for coordinating and organising this year's symposium. This was our largest symposium in many years and due to his hard work everything ran smoothly for staff and their families.

Check out the gallery below:

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