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Nick Adams Receives RPEQ

Well done to HIG engineer Nick Adams on achieving registration as an RPEQ.

What does this mean for Nick? Registration as a professional engineer is formal recognition of his qualification and competency as an engineer.

Prior to gaining his RPEQ, Nick was required to work under direct supervision of an RPEQ for any project in Queensland. Now being registered as an RPEQ by Professionals Australia he can operate without direct supervision to perform work in his areas of competency.

After at least 5 years of experience from graduation, 150 hours of continuing professional development in the last 3 years, and demonstrated evidence that he had been directly supervised by an RPEQ throughout this time could Nick apply for his RPEQ.

HIG is very proud of Nick and his achievement.

"Many thanks to Roy Marsh and Mike Harris for their assistance throughout the last three and a half months as they obviously said kind things about me." - Nick Adams

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