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Tony Gordon-Brown Turns 60

The team at HIG would like to wish TGB a very happy 60th birthday, here is a special message from Mike Harris....

My mate and business partner TGB again catches me on 24th October, happy 60th big fella.

As Tony explained earlier this year we have known each other for a very, very long time, in fact I think there are only a couple of people left on the planet I’ve known for longer. I am a bit amazed that he has actually made it to this impressive milestone, someone who has 10 – 15 cans of diet coke, chocolate and steak/chicken has their entire daily diet should have rotted their guts out long ago.

Now we need to sort out a few misnomers about Tony, he does sometimes come across as a gruff, tuff, hard, blunt chappie, but I can assure you that underneath that façade he’s actually a real softie, I suggest approaching him with a diet coke, a freddo, and maybe some Johnnie Walker to find out.

Tony is unfortunately one of those people who are good at most things – AFL footie, golf, tennis, surfing, swearing, and obviously business, he is a very driven individual who has been key to the development of HIG to what it is today.

Tony and Margie, and their family – Sarah, Lizzie and Harry are the nicest people you would ever meet, very welcoming, lots of fun, and extremely generous, I’m still using one of TGB’s drivers and putter to give him a touch-up on various golf courses around the SE corner.

Happy 60th birthday mate from all the Harris’s, and may there be many more for us to share stories and bag each other on.

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